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We Believe In Helping Others

AGSDAC encourages members to follow Christ footsteps in the following areas
Community care:

Members may team up and advise the Welfare Ministries of the Church
Sharing your faith:

Members may want to join the Church evangelistic program of Friendship evangelism ( Share Him) and the house church (Cell groups)
Prayer Opportunities:

These are the various opportunities

  • Members may join the Church telephone line at 209-647-1600, code: 421118# , to pray on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 8am and 7pm. Individuals are encouraged to breath a prayer every moment. 

  • The first Sabbath of every month is for fasting and prayers

  • Preceding the All-day fasting and prayers if a week of fasting and prayers

Sports Outreach:

  • The Men's Ministry arrange soccer march with other churches and groups so that we may share the Gospel with them.-Community Impact:The personal Ministries of the Church hold periodic training sessions for Church members to equip them on how to impact the communities.

Mission Ministry:

  • The Personal Ministries leads the Church in this area with the Cell Groups (House Churches) approach which is based on Friendship evangelism.


  • The ministry of giving is foremost. We counsel each other to follow Christ example of giving selflessly. To us giving is a matter of being obedient to God's instructions.

  • The first step in giving, that is the basics of benevolence, is Tithing and giving of offering , according to Malachi 3: 8-10

  • Then we encourage each other to lay some funds aside for alms giving.

  • We are encouraged to invest up to 25% of our increase or net income directly in the Gospel, as tithe, Offering, and arms.

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