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Giving Glory to God for the things He has done


In July 1997 a group of SDA members, Messrs Obeng Takyi, Apau Gyasi, Boye Owusu, and Ossei Tutu met while working for Nana Adoma Kumi. After the small group made contact with Mr. Ata Kwateng through other acquaintances in the Atlanta area, they met at Mr. Obeng's house. The group decided to hold meetings on Sabbath afternoons, after attending their respective churches. After additional contacts were made with Mrs. Dinah Boateng (on visiting the Obeng's) and Mrs. Sarah Agyekum (through her brother, Mr. Tutu), a small nucleus of members was thus formed. The decision to align the group with a mother church was made with an eye toward becoming a Ghanaian church some day. The group decided to attend the Grandview SDA Church where Mrs. Boateng's family was a member. Having met Pastor Stephen Antwi's family members, who were also worshipping with the Grandview Church along with the Boateng's, the membership expanded to about fifteen people. 
By October 1998, the group expanded with other several believers. The group continued to attend their respective churches, including those who attended the Glenview Church, and met in Sabbath afternoons at Pastor Antwi's house. In late September 1999, the Agyekums offered their home to be used for their meetings. After a couple of meetings the group elected its first leaders to form an interim Board: The Elders were Boye Owusu and Takyi Obeng; Ossei Tutu and Ata Kwateng were secretaries; and Dinah and Grace were treasurers. On October 15, 1999, Pastor Antwi left for further studies at the Andrews University/Seminary at Berrien Springs, Michigan. Thereafter, a permanent Board was constituted, with Mr. Seth Mensah Debrah replacing Mr. Boye Owusu. The others continued to serve on the Board when the group formally decided to meet at the Agyekums' house for its inaugural (full) Divine service on October 16, 1999. 

From then, this founding group at the inaugural service decided to meet and observe full Sabbaths at the Agyekums' residence until in the first part of 2000, when the members started to worship at the Dunbar Community Center (a library facility) in Atlanta. Mr. Adi then introduced the group to the Southside SDA Church, which became its mother church and; consequently, making the group a recognized entity under the Georgia-Cumberland Conference. As the pastor of the Southside Church, Pastor David Penno became the official pastor responsible for the 'mission' group. In the latter part of 2000, they moved to the Church of Living God (another Ghanaian non-Adventist congregation) on Bolton Road, Atlanta, where the membership continued to grow. including Pastor Motuba Harding, Dr and Mrs. Fordjour, and visiting Pastors from the Andrews University during those years. As an ethnic Company, the leadership was therefore transferred from Pastor Penno to Pastor Bill Levin, the then Director of ethnic church groups in the Conference. The Company sorely missed Pastor Penno on his departure because of his close pastoral care and dedication. Pastor Levin led the Company with equal care; and shortly after his arrival he assisted in hiring a Bible Worker, a position which Pastor Antwi was voted (in absentia) into while he was still completing his studies at the Andrews University. At this time, the membership stood at fifty-seven (57).
In July 2003, the Company moved to the Atlanta Adventist Academy on Cascade Road in Atlanta. About this time, Pastor Antwi finally returned from Andrews University to assume his duty as a Bible Worker under the leadership of Pastor Levin. The Company moved to a facility on Indian Trail Road in Lilburn, GA, and then to another location off of Green Industrial Road in Chamblee, where on December 30, 2006, a misunderstanding about the leadership led to a division in the Company.

Through these difficult times, Pastor Bill Levin steered the rest of the Company until the Conference hired Pastor Gabriel Boakye-Dankwa as the Pastor of the Company on September 1, 2007. The new Pastor worked tirelessly with Elder M. A. Bediako, the CORCOM executives and the leadership of the divided groups to bring the Company together again. A special unification service was observed on July 5, 2008. The Company then moved to its current premises, a facility of the (same) Church of the Living God in Tucker, Georgia, on December 1, 2008. Today, we mark a milestone in the sojourn of the Atlanta Ghanaian SDA Church with boundless gratitude to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for carrying us all through both joyful and tumultuous times.

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