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Closing the Gap

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

As we enter the year, we have new goals and ambitions as a church. Our Communication Department is taking a step forward by attending their first workshop of the year at the Georgia Cumberland Conference of Seventh Day Adventists (GCCSDA) Headquarters, "Closing the Gap".

Tammy Watson, Director of Communication for the GCCSDA, warmly welcomed Atlanta Ghanaian SDA Church Communication Department along with a few other churches from the surrounding area.

Georgia Cumberland Conference of Seventh Day Adventists
From left to right: Andrew (Media Relations), Charles (Communications Director), Benedict (Communication Secretary), and Charles G. (Media Relations)

GCCSDA partnered up with Carolina Conference of Seventh Day Adventists (CCSDA) Communication Department to provide other SDAC Communication Departments who are struggling with reaching people in today’s digital world, who feel their youth need a fresh take on the word, or simply feel that they are behind in today's trends in church communication. The CCSDA Communication team shared what they’ve learned in trying to "close the gap" between the Adventist church and the tech-driven people of modern society.

Leaders, Rebecca Carpenter and Courtney Herod, shared their experience as a growing department and what they have learned along the way. One of their popular accomplishment they talk about is Project Refresh . Project Refresh is a Christian podcast them and a faithful team of Gods warriors created to reach their target audience in a fresh and modern way.

Some of the topics they discussed are:

1. Technology that can improve your outreach

2. Ways to use your church website

3. How to use social media the RIGHT way

...and so much more.

We had the chance to win prizes such as t-shirts and a Shure Legendary Performance Digital Audio interface. Yes! That's right! We enjoyed learning and meeting new people.

Closing The Gap Workshop - The Project Refresh

We would like to thank Tammy Watson, of the GCCSDA for inviting us and Rebecca Carpenter and Courtney Herod for filling us with outstanding knowledge that we can now use a tool to do God's work in our department and throughout our church.

God Bless You!

- AGSDAC Communication Department

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